Asian Movie Night invites you to the screening of Ushiku with panel disccusion on 7th October at Bak, Utrecht Asian Movie Night invites you to the screening of Ushiku with panel disccusion on 7th October at Bak, Utrecht


Parasite (2019)
Diamond Island (2016)
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
Ghost In The Shell (1995)
Paprika (2006)


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 Asian Movie Night (2017)

@ Focus Filmtheater Arnhem
@ Filmhuis Cavia Amsterdam
T 19:00
T 20:00
D 15/06/2022
D 17/06/2022

AMN X Kloosterkino Asian Animation Shorts Festival
at Focus Filmtheatre & Filmhuis Cavia

As summer is slowly making its way into our balconies and we find ourselves with an itch to get outside, here at Asian Movie Night and KloosterKino we decided to collectively end this season’s program with the return of an exciting edition! The Asian Animations Shorts Festival is back, this time in its 2022 edition, this time hosted by Focus Filmtheatre as well as Filmhuis Cavia!

Once again, this selection of short films has the aim to exhibit talent from diverse cultures from all over Asia! In this edition we have a total of 10 unique films, such as Seen It, an imaginative comedy out of India, A Bite of Bone, a cute slice of life story about a young boy and his struggle with life’s big questions and My Grandmother is an Egg, an autobiographical retelling of an old tradition of pre-arranged marriage out of Taiwan.

Wednesday 15.06.2022
19:00 Short introduction
19:05 Screening starts
20:20 End of event

€9.50 (Korting €7.50, Student €7.00)
Cineville card free 

Focus Filmtheater

Friday 17.06.2022
20:00 Short introduction
20:05 Screening starts
21:20 End of Screening

€5,- / Cineville card free
It’s not possible to make reservations. Tickets can be bought at the bar half an hour before the film starts.

Filmhuis Cavia
A Bite of Bone / dir. Honami Yano / 2021 / JP / 10’
A little girl melancholically reflects on her last summer with her father at his funeral. Set on a small island in Japan where director Honami Yano was born and raised, the short explores the relationship between the death of her father and the bomb storage in the mountain behind the family house.

Anxious Body / dir. Yoriko Mizushiri / 2021 / JP & FR / 6’
Yoriko Mizushiri is one of the most distinctive voices in the world of animation. Always soft, sensual and sensorial, her films stimulate the senses. Her latest short again offers new perspectives on our body. Eerily,the film combines unpredictable forms, surprising geometries, textures and sounds to craft a unique creation.

A Sip of Water / dir. Hyuna Cho / 2021 / KR / 7’
Based on interviews, A Sip of Water explores the role of shamanism in Korean culture by putting a female shaman (and her relation to both gods and the common people)centrestage. Shamans are considered extraordinary as they bridge the gap between the world of men and the world of gods.

Seen It / dir. Adithi Krishnadas / 2021 / ID / 12’
Perhaps the first ever animation film of its kind in the Malayalam language, Seen It! takes you on a spooky tour of some local Indian spirits, guided by the ever – vibrant Mr. Panicker who has several shockers up his sleeve. With its cartoony style and the look of black- and -white graphic novel, the film paints a quirky picture of the supernatural encounters of its narrator.

The Fourth Wall / dir. Mahboobeh Kalaee / 2021 / IR / 10’
Home and family, relationships, desires, wishes and everything are summarized in a kitchen. The stuttering boy is alone there, playing with his imagination. Groundbreaking stop-motion from Iran.

My Grandmother Is an Egg / dir. Wu-Ching Chang / 2021 / TW & UK / 8’
A deeply personal and insightful tale about the female experience in (historical) Taiwan, Wu-Ching Chang’s short is a tribute to his grandmother who, as a T’ung-yang-hsi, was sold as a young girl to another family to be raise as a future daughter-in-law.

Pieces of Each Other / dir. Hyun Ju Yeong / 2021 / KR / 8’
’Y’, an ordinary woman in her twenties, starts to feel a little uncomfortable during a date with her boyfriend ‘SEMO’.

Crab Soda / dirs. Chuchu Guo & Lingbo Fei / 2021 / CN / 11’
A daughter sees the process of her father failing to start a business to
sell crab. A surrealist struggle between reality and fantasy, dreams and realism.

The Mark of Emi / dir. Furukawahara Momoka / 2020 / JP / 4’
My friend Emi came out in a dream. I was so surprised that I
couldn’t look her in the eyes.