Summer Edition will be screened at FOCUS Arnhem (26.06), KINO Rotterdam (27.06), Cavia Amsterdam (29.06) and De Kurk Queer Collective in Arnhem (11.07). Summer Edition will be screened at FOCUS Arnhem (26.06), KINO Rotterdam (27.06), Cavia Amsterdam (29.06) and De Kurk Queer Collective in Arnhem (11.07).


Jinpa (2018)
Garden Amidst the Flame (2022)
The Song of Flying Leaves (2023)
Cloud in Her Room (2020)
Virgin Blue (2021)


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Seasonal Festival Summer Edition - Smooth Pink Fresh & Crude
Seasonal Festival Spring Edition - Becoming Abudance. This is the Time for Grace


Seasonal Festival Winter Edition - Listening Nearby. Through Soils and Seas
Asian Animation Short Festival: Monologue of Dreams
Seasonal Festival Spring Edition - Songs of Mourning


AMN X BAK: Ushiku+Panel DiscussionAMN X Kloosterkino Asian Animation Shorts Festival AMN X Focus Filmtheater/Filmhuis Cavia: The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice
AMN X Filmhuis Cavia: Ushiku + Q&A with director AMN X Filmhuis Cavia: The Cloud In Her Room AMN Couch Edition: The Happiness of the Katakuris AMN X Focus/ Cavia House of HummingbirdTransformatorhuis Short Film Festival


AMN x Filmhuis Cavia: ItaewonAMN x Focus: Family In The Bubble AMN x Filmhuis Cavia: Family In The Bubble Sunday Open Kino @Sonsbeek 20-24 Online Streaming with ISC Spring Festival


Filmhuis Cavia Asian Animation Short Asian Animation Short Festival: AMN x KloosterKino x Focus Couch Edition: Memories  AMN x Focus: Diamond Island + Q&A with Director Valentine Edition: Love exists in movies


Our Relations with the Mountain Avant Première: Parasite (KR 2019) with Artist Talk AMN Feminist Edition: Under One's Eye Couch Edition: Tropical Malady Welcome (Back) Edition Couch Edition: __________ AMN: Parallel World Couch Edition: The Great Buddha Asian Movie Night x Wenteltrap AMN: Flavour Couch Edition: Mother


QUEER Asian Movie Night: Happy Together Couch Edition: Paprika AMN: Feminism Couch Edition: Dreams Asian Queer Movie Night: Handmaiden AMN: Ghost in the shell AMN: Paprika

 Asian Movie Night (2017)

@ Focus Filmtheater Arnhem
@ KINO Rotterdam
@ Filmhuis Cavia Amsterdam

@ De Kurk Arnhem
 T 19:00 
T 21:00
T 19:00
T 18:30
D 26/06/2024
D 27/06/2024
D 29/06/2024
D 11/07/2024

AMN Seasonal Festival - Summer 2024

“I am a form

expressing itself in the earth's crust

wringing itself out” - Een Lichaam Dragen, Hannah Chris Lomans

Queer has had a long history of being a word that signals otherness, strangeness, that can carry the tune of disdain, yet also a unifying word that is possessed by its people. But who are those people, and how did we get to come together? In a quest to think about what does a queer way of being feel, sound, or taste like, this summer Asian Movie Night has prepared a diverse and complex program that navitages queer life, embodiment, and desire.

Smooth Pink Fresh & Crude is made up of a feature film screening of an avant garde classic from late 60s Japan, as well as a selection of short films from varied parts of the world that discuss different aspects of queerness, whether in the abstract or the tangible.

Smooth Pink Fresh & Crude  will be screened at FOCUS Arnhem (26.06),KINO Rotterdam (27.06) ,Cavia Amsterdam (29.06) and De Kurk Queer Collective in Arnhem (11.07).


Wednesday 26.06.2024

19:00 - 19:05 Opening (5’)
19:05 - 20:50 Screening of Funeral Parade of Roses (105’)
20:50 End

€12.00 (Student €5.00)
Cineville card free


PROGRAM  of KINO Rotterdam

Thursday 27.06.2024

21:00 - 21:05 Opening (5’)
21:05 - 22:50 Screening of Funeral Parade of Roses (105’)
22:50 End

€13.20 (CJP/Student €10.00)
Cineville card free


PROGRAM of CAVIA Amsterdam

Saturday 29.06.2024

19:05 - 19:55 Screening of short films (50’)
20:00 End

€5,- / Cineville card free
Screenings are ticketed seperatelly.
It’s not possible to make reservations. Tickets can be bought at the bar half an hour before the film starts.


PROGRAM  of De Kurk Arnhem

Thursday 11.07.2024

18:30 - 19:00 Doors open
19:00 - 20:00 Food
20:00 - 20:50 Screening of short films 
21:00 End

Entrance is free

De Kurk


Curator Kleopatra Vorria  

Supported by Gemeenten Arnhem, Het Cultuur Fond.
Funeral Parade of Roses
Dir. Toshio Matsumoto / 1969 / JP / 105’ / Japanese w/ EN subs

A queer adaptation of Oedipus Rex following the colorful lives of those involved in late 60’s Tokyo’s underbelly. The journey is disturbing and intoxicating.

Toshio Matsumoto (1932 – 2017) was a Japanese film director, a pioneer of avant-garde experimental movies, multimedia, and video in his homeland and abroad.  Matsumoto published many books of photography and art and was a professor and dean of Arts at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. He was also the President of the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences.

Dir. Aileen Ye / 2023 / NL / 15’ / Chinese w/ EN subs
A martial arts inspired dance-fight between a lion dancer and queer performer reflecting the tension between traditional and modern identities in a dreamscape nightmare.

Aileen Ye (she/her) is an award-winning Irish-Chinese filmmaker from Dublin. Currently, she is based between London and Amsterdam. Her works utilise various mediums with a focus on subcultures and diasporic narratives. She holds a master’s degree (MSc) in Sociology from Erasmus University Rotterdam, focused on decolonising the aesthetics of moving-imagery and autoethnographic cinema. Her work has been shown internationally including the BFI, Barbican Centre, NOWNESS Asia, LUX, and more. Currently, she is an artist member of Filmwerkplaats based in Rotterdam

Dancing Colors
Dir. M. Reza Fahriyansyah / 2022 / ID / 15’ / Indonesian w/ EN subs

Feeling that their highly sensitive son Dika is abnormal, his parents decide to undertake a ritual. They call on an imam to chase away a jinn, but is the resulting dance a successful ritual – or just a performance?

Reza Fahriyansyahis a Indonesian film director who was born in Jakarta in July 1993. He graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. Over the past years, Reza consistently spotlights social clas issues through his short films. As a filmmaker, the film has been accompanying him to understand the meaning of life, therefore most of his past films are based on his personal life stories.

Dismantle Me
Dir. Max Disgrace / 2023 / UK / 13’ / English

A comical proposition turns into an arousing powerplay when a smoldering-hot trans woman helps a heartbroken trans man tidy his messy bedroom.

Max Disgrace is a London based, award-winning film director, trans man of Chinese descent and proud pervert. Max’s work focuses on queer desire and sexual intimacies, inhabiting realms of mischievousness, playfulness, resistance, sensuality, leather and pleasure. An alum of Berlinale Talents 2020 and BFI Network x BAFTA Crew 20/21, his work has screened at the BFI, Tate Modern, the Barbican and queer & porn film festivals internationally.

Dir. Yoriko Mizushiri / 2012/ JP / 6’ / English

Wrapped in the futon… Memories are coming up to the mind, the future is imagined, senses are recaptured, physical feelings as a woman are deeply ingrained…Everything melts pleasantly all together. In the futon, the body wonders, seeking for these senses…

Yoriko Mizushiri is a freelance film director and graduate of Joshibi University of Art and Design. Among her shorter works, Mizushiri directed the TV series Lena Lena, an adaptation of picture book "The Adventures of Lena Lena" by Dutch writer Harriët van Reek