Summer Edition will be screened at FOCUS Arnhem (26.06), KINO Rotterdam (27.06), Cavia Amsterdam (29.06) and De Kurk Queer Collective in Arnhem (11.07). Summer Edition will be screened at FOCUS Arnhem (26.06), KINO Rotterdam (27.06), Cavia Amsterdam (29.06) and De Kurk Queer Collective in Arnhem (11.07).


Jinpa (2018)
Garden Amidst the Flame (2022)
The Song of Flying Leaves (2023)
Cloud in Her Room (2020)
Virgin Blue (2021)


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QUEER Asian Movie Night: Happy Together Couch Edition: Paprika AMN: Feminism Couch Edition: Dreams Asian Queer Movie Night: Handmaiden AMN: Ghost in the shell AMN: Paprika

 Asian Movie Night (2017)

@ Sonsbeek 20-24
T 20:00 - 22:30
D 29/08/2021

Sunday Open Kino

As an abrupt wake from our slumber, Asian Movie Night invites you to join us at Sonsbeek’s beautiful Steile Tuin at the Pavillion of Wendelien van Oldenbourgh and Erika Hok for a thrilling movie night out! Hidden amongst the inconspicuous greenery of the garden, we have picked out an old thriller classic, ideal for a night of summer chills and side-way glances into the dark! We’ll be bringing tea, blankets, and our summer vibes!

Open Kino Pavillon is an architectural work by artist Erika Hock, originally developed in 2012 as Cineorama – Pavilion of Moving Images in Düsseldorf’s Jacobigarten, a hospitable structure with an accompanying film programme.
Wendelien van Oldenborgh (1962, Rotterdam) develops works in which the cinematic format is a methodology for production and the basic language for presentations. Through public film shoots and collaborations with participants in different scenarios she co-produces scripts towards the work’s final outcome.

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